Alley Entry

Northside ADU 

This design creates a singular identity for an ADU and removes it from the current stigma of being a ‘tiny house’ in someone’s backyard. The design moves the main entry away from the backyard and towards the alley, providing a public face to the unit. Taking cues from the city’s current material history, ground-face CMU, a black wood rainscreen, and a blackened steel datum define the sleeping, living, and entry zones.

Foyer Stair

The ADU is situated in a landscaped courtyard to give residents a connection to their own private outdoor space separate from the original backyard. Access to light and views maintains privacy from the alley. This project is currently under development.


The ADU includes a carport sheltered by a solar panel canopy, and a private landscaped courtyard. Connection from interior space to private outdoor space gives access to light and views while maintaining privacy from the alley.

Ground Floor         Second Floor / Roof Deck

Location: Denver, CO
Year: 2021
885 sf