Vail Envelope Design

Located in the mountains across from the Vail Ski Resort, this project is an envelope renovation of 6 condominium buildings built in 1982. The Board of the HOA approached isoA/D to assist in the modernization, both in appearance and performance, of the exterior facade. Existing conditions included a wall assembly with significant damage from years of moisture exposure and a variety of underpreforming owner updates. isoA/D worked closely with the HOA Board, Envelope Consultant, and General Contractor to evaluate updates based on material deficiencies and updated codes. Special consideration is given to meeting building codes related to material and ignition resistance as this project is within a region of wildfire vulnerability.

The design unifies the collective buildings and encourages tactility and individuality at each unit entry and exterior terrace. The updates to the guardrails and terraces impact the connection between the interior and exterior spaces, and enhance the owner’s experience of the views and landscape. In order to keep individual owners in agreement and engaged, regular design presentations and imagery were provided to assist in unifying the collective ownership and maintain the viability of the project.

Location: Vail, CO
Status: Design Development
6 Buildings - 22,500 sf
Client: Private