Wash Park Workshop

Designed to adapt to the owner’s changing needs, this space can serve as a garage, art studio, home gym, office, guest house, workshop, greenhouse, and eventually an ADU. While the site isn’t currently zoned for accessory dwelling units, the building was designed to conform to the current accessory structure guidelines with future flexibility to convert to an ADU once anticipated zoning changes are instated. The design features a large north-facing polycarbonate skylight that washes the space in natural light. 

Due to the limited project budget, a restrained material palette informed by off-the-shelf building materials was implemented in the design. This corrugated metal cladding is refined with considered detailing at the facade and exterior openings. At the interior, plywood and clear-sealed OSB sheathing bring warmth and texture to the space.

Location: Denver, CO
Status: Under Construction
710 sf
Client: Private